Hiring a Litigation Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL

Hiring a Litigation Attorney in St. Petersburg, FL

Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in a legal proceeding, hiring a litigation attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, is the single most important thing you could do to improve the chances of a favorable outcome. With the services of a qualified lawyer, you will have the benefit of extensive legal experience, familiarity with court and settlement proceedings and assistance with the logistics of the case.

Responsibilities of a Litigation Attorney

The actual role of a litigation attorney tends to vary, depending on the particulars of a case. In any case, these legal professionals generally manage all the stages of the litigation process, from investigation to pleadings, from discovery to the pre-trial and on to the trial itself. If necessary, litigation attorneys also handle the settlement and appeal processes.

Case Assessment and Investigation

Assessing the merits of a case is one of the first responsibilities of a litigation attorney. St. Petersburg, FL, law allows for an initial investigation in order to determine whether there is enough evidence to warrant the filing of a lawsuit. If the attorney in question is tasked with representing a defendant, the initial investigation will involve identifying evidence that could be used in the defense of his client.

As part of the investigation process, attorneys may identify potential witnesses and take their statements, gather necessary documents and interview the client. All this is done with the goal of uncovering facts that may help lead to a favorable resolution of the case.

Settlement Versus Trial

In some situations, it might be in a client’s best interests to seek settlement instead of seeing the case to trial. A litigation attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, will advise their client if this is the more prudent course of action to take. This is often the case if the attorney feels a court trial would result in an unfavorable ruling for his client.

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