How an Estate Planning Attorney in Dundalk, MD Could Help Young People

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Attorney

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Few young people have estate plans. Although they have obvious benefits for young adults, there are a couple of reasons younger individuals don’t take the time to create them. Young people typically have a sense of immortality. If they never knew anyone their age that died, they aren’t likely to imagine it happening to them. This doesn’t mean they don’t need an estate plan. Because young adults typically don’t have a complex set of assets like older people, it’s much easier to set up a plan to protect their assets if they die unexpectedly. An Estate Planning Attorney in Dundalk MD could help a client decide which documents need to be included in their estate plan at each stage of their life.

For many young adults, a will is sufficient to handle their final affairs. A last will and testament can give the surviving loved ones guidance about how a person wants their assets and debts handled after death. If they have children, a will can also name a guardian for their children. Probate courts typically follow the wishes of the person who wrote the will. However, it’s important for a parent to confirm the person they choose is willing and able to care for their children prior to signing the will to avoid too much disruption to their children’s lives in the event of a parent’s untimely death. Maria Caruso may help a client write a will that meets their needs and revise it in the future if their needs change.

Young people could also benefit from documents like living wills and powers of attorney. These estate planning forms give people some control over their lives if they are unable to make their own decisions after an accident or illness that prevents them from expressing themselves. An Estate Planning Attorney in Dundalk MD could recommend these documents to clients who may not have considered what would happen to their bank accounts if they became incapacitated or who would instruct the doctors about their care if they were unable to communicate. Some people include a living will in their estate plan to give specific instructions for their doctors so their family won’t have to make decisions about life support. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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