How to Know You Need a DUI Lawyer

How to Know You Need a DUI Lawyer

If you have committed a DUI offense, you may be confused as to whether you need to hire an attorney or not. DUI offenses can carry serious punishments including revocation of your driving license and hefty fines. You may even be jailed, and the best action you can take is to have a lawyer to defend you in court. A DUI lawyer in Salinas can assist you if you have been found to drive under influence of alcohol. Here is how to know that you need an attorney:

If You Have had Several DUI’s

You want to hire a lawyer if you have committed several DUI offenses and you have received another one. Having several incidents of DUI can put you in problems and if you head to the court on your own, you may not be able to win your case. It is always important you have an attorney that can help you maneuver the court process.

If Your DUI Results in an Accident

You may have been involved in a DUI and caused an accident or someone was injured or killed. If that is the case, you want to seek help of a lawyer. You may face jail time or a heavy fine, but you can work around these punishments if you have an attorney. You don’t want to risk losing the case by appearing in court without a lawyer.

If you’re a Professional Driver

Your livelihood may be depended on your license. Professional drivers want the help of lawyers whenever they are involved in DUI cases. This will help ensure that they retain their licenses and their career is not put in jeopardy.

While you can represent yourself in a DUI case, there are situations that will require you to hire an attorney. It is most likely that you don’t understand your rights and DUI laws. You may have been arrested and your BAC limit is higher than the legal limit. A DUI lawyer in Salinas helps make the court process an easy one during this time you are stressed and cannot make an informed decision regarding your case.

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