How Can Injured Victims Receive Auto Accident Help?

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Attorney

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Auto accidents are one of the biggest reasons people initiate tort cases. When a person becomes injured and suffers damages because of another driver’s negligence, they need to seek auto accident help. An attorney can assist a person in seeking a claim against the insurance company or the driver who is responsible. Meeting with an attorney will allow a person to better understand their rights so they can pursue a case with confidence.

To find out what type of options are available for pursuing an accident claim, the injured person needs to bring in all medical bills, police reports, and any other pertinent information the attorney can use to help the client with a claim. Should the attorney take the case, the client will sign paperwork that retains the attorney and allows medical records to be obtained from the victim’s attending physicians.

Though different attorneys use different approaches for pursuing cases, many start with the insurance company. If the other driver was insured, the insurance company can be held responsible to pay on the claim. Should the responsible driver be without coverage, the attorney would seek restitution in a civil case.

Insurance adjusters are notoriously difficult at times simply because they are protecting the best interests of their company. The insurance company will typically offer a lower settlement than they should, leading an attorney to end up going through mediation meetings or pursuing the case in court.

An injured person will not be required to pay an attorney unless the attorney wins the case. The retainer agreement signed when the attorney agrees to take on the case will state the percentage the client will owe. This agreement should be carefully reviewed before a person signs.

An attorney can help an injured person receive the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries, pain and suffering, medical costs (present and future), vehicle damages, and wage losses. If the driver was driving drunk or acting in true negligence, the victim may be able to pursue punitive damages.

Learning more about auto accident laws can help a person to make a wise decision on getting the auto accident help they need. Visit the websiteand learn more on how an attorney can help.

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