Three Reasons to Hire Downers Grove Family Attorneys for Your Divorce Case

Three Reasons to Hire Downers Grove Family Attorneys for Your Divorce Case

Divorce cases are long and complicated processes that take a lot of patience. Many marriages end unkindly, which means that divorce proceedings are stressful and end in arguments most of the time. Having a divorce lawyer handle all of the paperwork and the settlement agreement can relieve a lot of the stress that comes with filing for divorce. Downers Grove family attorneys take divorce cases very seriously and will work hard with your spouse’s lawyer to keep up contact between both parties and resolve any issues. In addition to this, there are many other reasons to hire a Downers Grove divorce lawyer.

Protect Custody Rights

A big part of divorce proceedings is deciding what is best for the children of the client. Now that his or her parents will no longer be living together, there will need to be an agreement allowing both parents equal time to spend with the child. If for any reason there is neglect between parent and child, your Downer Grove family attorneys may suggest hiring a child custody lawyer, as well. Child custody cases can be very emotional, so in order to prevent one from happening cooperate with your divorce as much as possible. Your spouse’s attorney might also try to pose you as an unfit parent so they get full custody rights of your child. Fay, Farrow & Associates Family Attorneys in Downers are experienced and educated in all types of issues that may arise during divorce proceedings and will work hard to protect your custody rights.

Settle Terms of Divorce

A divorce settlement agreement is a document created and agreed on by both parties in a divorce case. Its purpose is to outline everything from child custody and alimony to the division of property. Your attorney from Fay, Farrow, & Associates will ask you questions in order to compile all of your personal information together before drawing up a divorce settlement agreement. Then he or she will ask you what are the most important things you wish to retain after the divorce. This will become the base for the agreement. Your divorce lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer will then start negotiating until both parties can come to an agreement they are both satisfied with.

Organize Legal Documents

Divorce cases accumulate many documents that need to be kept organized and separate in the event that your lawyer is representing you and your spouse during proceedings. In addition to the petition for divorce, your lawyer needs to keep track of any child custody papers or spousal support papers, as well as the documents drawn up for the division of property. With an experienced family attorney, you can be sure that all of your paperwork is organized and easily accessible in case a problem arises. Your divorce attorney can prove his or her dedication to your case by staying organized and keeping you up to date on any changes made to agreements.

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