How to Acquire a Visa Through Immigration Law

Immigrants that wish to enter the United States for college or work must acquire a visa. The acquisition of a visa is the first step to becoming a legal citizen. These opportunities allow the immigrant to acquire a four-year college education or to begin working.

How to Get a Visa
The first step is to complete an application for the visa through the U.S. Embassy in their native country. They must possess a passport and other evidence of their identity. As the application is processed, a criminal background check is performed. Any immigrants who have an existing criminal record in the U.S. aren’t allowed to acquire a visa.

Finding Work in the United States
With a work visa, the immigrant must acquire employment before a deadline assigned to their case. They are required to provide details about their employer to their caseworker. At any time that the immigrant changes jobs or moves, they are required to provide these updates immediately. If they plan to change jobs, they should consult their caseworker to determine if the new job qualifies under immigration law.

Visa for College
All prospective students who wish to attend college in the United States must apply to the college as well as for a visa. The immigrant must provide documentation of acceptance from the college when applying for the visa. They will enter the country based on the terms of their visa. In some instances, the immigrant may be required to return home such as during the holidays.

At any time that the college student chooses to transfer, they must complete the appropriate paperwork. A caseworker must manage all transfers and changes. If the student moves to a new location, they must update their information without delay. They must also ensure that their visa is renewed.

A common reason for deportation is an expired visa. All immigrants who are in the country on a visa receive a notification of the expiration date. They must complete the visa and return it as directed. At any time that an immigrant faces the deportation process, they should contact an attorney. To learn more about immigration law, visit today.

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