How to Prepare for an Initial Visit to a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Cornelius, NC

With the uncertain state of the economy, more people are finding themselves in the unenviable position of owing more money than is coming into their households. Being in debt can lead to bad credit, repossession, wage garnishment, and personal adversity. To get a new financial start in life, it’s prudent for a debtor to visit a bankruptcy lawyer in Cornelius, NC. The following guidelines can help a person prepare for this appointment.

Before meeting with a new bankruptcy lawyer in Cornelius NC, a client should take the time to properly fill out all client forms. These forms will include requests for personal information. Some requests may seem a bit too personal. However, it’s important to remember that a lawyer is trying to help a client formulate a case that will be presented in bankruptcy court. This requires knowing how a person got into debt in the first place as well as a person’s living situation. It’s a good idea to return these forms a few days beforehand so the lawyer can review them.

A person will need to organize all documents so the lawyer can go through them with without any problems. A few different colored folders, labels, and colored pens can help a person organize documents easily. A person will need to bring documents including tax returns for the last three years. A debtor will also need to bring credit card bills, bank statements, and mortgage bills for the last six months. Any written, or oral communication between a client and creditors should be documented. All receipts for payments and personal expenditures for the last six months should be brought to the first visit. A person should also bring proof of ownership in real estate. The bankruptcy court will use all this information to decide if a person qualifies for this legal status.

Getting ready for a first visit to a bankruptcy lawyer can result in a better chance of a bankruptcy course approving a person’s case. For more information on bankruptcy services, Contact Lake Law Office, PLLC. This group of professionals practices bankruptcy law, real estate law, and general practice law.

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