How to Retain and Improve Your SEO After Redesigning

How to Retain and Improve Your SEO After Redesigning

After you have worked with a law firm web design & marketing company to rework the overall design of your site, you may be wondering what you need to do to make sure that your SEO is retained and improved. If you have taken the time to work with a great company for your website redesign, and if they have experience with SEO for attorneys, then there is a good chance that they were able to keep the content that you had for the site. This means that your SEO ranking is likely to be retained, although depending on what may have been removed, it could have been altered slightly.

  • Potential Problems

If the company you chose was not careful with the redesign, there could be issues. There is the possibility that some content may have been inadvertently removed, or that some of the content was changed. The URLs could have changed, there could have been an introduction of technical issues that cause problems with the site, and there could have been new sections added that are now blank. If you work with a professional company for your law firm web design & marketing, and they have experience working with these types of sites and minimizing issues during a redesign, you should not have to worry about these issues.

  • Improving Your SEO

Fortunately, you will find that after a redesign, it could even be easier to improve SEO on your site. Again, if the company that reworked your site has experience, they will have created a website that will take advantage of as many aspects of SEO as possible. For example, they will ensure that you now have a responsive website, which will make it possible for potential clients who are on mobile devices to make better use of your site. The addition of more content, including content that makes use of local SEO, can help with your results, as well.

  • Work With Professionals for Your Redesign

Always take the time to find a company that has experience not only redesigning sites, but who has experience redesigning and building websites for attorneys. Forward Lawyer Marketing is a law firm web design & marketing company that can provide you with all the services you need to make sure your SEO is on point and that your site is as good as it can be.

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