When to Hire a Theft Defense Attorney in South Bay, CA

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Attorney

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Those who have been arrested for theft in California will face serious consequences, so it’s important they begin looking for a theft defense attorney in South Bay, CA as soon as possible after charges have been filed. There are many crimes that fall under the theft category in California, many of which have quite serious legal repercussions. Read on to find out about a few of them below.

Identity Theft

Cases of identity theft have become increasingly common in recent years. This crime involves the use of another person’s information, such as a Social Security card or driver’s license, to commit larceny or fraud. It is a serious crime that can lead to substantial fines and even prison time, so those charged with identity theft should take their situation seriously and begin looking for legal help immediately.

Petty and Grand Theft

Petty theft involves the intentional theft of someone’s property. Grand theft, which is also referred to as grand larceny, is the theft of a substantial amount of money or goods. In California, any theft of money or property equal to less than $400 is considered petty theft, while those who have stolen money or property valued at more than $400 can be charged with grand theft.

First and Second Degree Burglary

In California, burglary is defined as breaking into a building with the specific intent of committing a crime and is usually a felony. Whether clients are tried for first-degree burglary or second-degree burglary depends largely on the value of the goods stolen, though the jail term prescribed if clients are found guilty also depends on a variety of factors. These include the presence or absence of a firearm and whether any innocent victims were killed or seriously injured as a result of the crime.

Other Crimes

Other crimes that require the help of a theft defense attorney in South Bay, CA include bribery, receiving stolen property, counterfeiting, theft of artwork, embezzlement, and misuse of public funds. Those who have been accused of these crimes can trust the office of Shook & Associates Inc for legal assistance. Visit the website to get started today.

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