If You Can’t Work Because Of Disabling Back Pain, Talk To A Social Security Attorney In Paradise CA

If You Can’t Work Because Of Disabling Back Pain, Talk To A Social Security Attorney In Paradise CA

Back pain is certainly a common problem – everyone has had some experience with it.  The pain can range from slight to totally disabling.  Back pain can be difficult to diagnose and the possible causes are many.  Many people who have applied for Social Security Disability because of crippling back pain have been denied. Visit website for more details.

In order to qualify for SSDI o SSI disability benefits, the applicant must have had a ‘medically determinable’ impairment for at least one year.  What this means is that there must be proof that your back pain is caused by a physical problem of the spine or spinal canal.  Proof is needed to substantiate this claim, including doctor’s notes, MRIs and/or x-rays.

Only the most severe cases of back pain will be approved for disability payments by Social Security.  When they look at claims involving back pain, they are looking for these three things:

1. They will check to see if your back pain symptoms match the requirements in their listing for spinal disorders.  (Check with your

2. Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA

3. before submitting the claim to learn more about this.)

4. They will look at how disabled you really are.  How difficult is it to walk or bend over?  Do you need to change position often?  Based on the answers to those and similar questions, they will decide if you are capable of certain types of work.

5. The last thing that the Social Security personnel will look at is probably the most important – your credibility.  Since how incapacitated your are from back pain is based on your subjective statements, do they believe you?

Some of the factors that will be considered are the following.  An experienced Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA will know what information will be needed.

1. The number of doctor visits and the doctor’s opinion as to how the level of pain limits your daily activities.

2. The treatments that have been tried.

3. Whether or not you are exaggerating the severity of the pain.  Social Security might ask for a psychiatric evaluation.

4. Is the pain level consistent with the pain reported by others with similar conditions?

Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law represent those seeking Social Security Disability.  This Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA is very knowledgeable and understands what proof is needed to substantiate the claim.  You worked for these benefits, don’t be denied if you qualify.


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