Know Your Rights: Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Gardner, MA Today

Know Your Rights: Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Gardner, MA Today

It is not unusual for an attorney to be needed after a vehicle accident. Everyone is aware of the hesitance of insurance companies to pay any more than they are absolutely required to pay. But when the accident involves a commercial vehicle, the need for representation is much greater. In these instances there is often so much chaos afterwards, it becomes difficult for victims to get the attention they need.

With a commercial vehicle, there will always be a long police investigation. The driver and the truck will both be under suspicion. Many people feel this is good because any faults will exposed and the innocent driver of the other vehicle will be able to prove easily they were not to blame.

Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Because this type of investigation is expected, the trucking companies are prepared with a legal team of their very own. They will do whatever it takes to defend their own interests because their income is on the line.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Gardner MA can provide this same protection to you. They are aware of the methods these legal teams use and will do whatever it takes to make certain the truth of the story is revealed.

Another issue is often the severity of the accident. There are very few accidents which involve a large truck which are minor. In many cases the damage to the other vehicle is substantial and sadly, it often involved serious injuries or even the loss of life.

For those left behind, the emotional distress can be too much of a burden for them to care about legal worries. This is a mistake though because the bills and the loss will not go away, but your ability to seek compensation for this accident will. There really is a very limited amount of time for a Truck Accident Lawyer in Gardner MA to effectively gather the proof they need to present a good defense for you.

Any accident victims owe it to themselves and their families to find out what they can do under the law. Contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC to arrange a consultation. Whether your accident happened yesterday or a year ago, do not give up your rights. Talk to someone today.

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