Why Injury Victims Need to Consider Hiring an Accident Attorney In Fort Worth?

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Attorney

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In the ideal world, injury victims in Fort Worth would be able to get fair compensation from insurers that represent parties responsible for accidents. Unfortunately, the goal of insurance companies is to maximize profit for shareholders and management rather than to pay victims fairly. As a result, insurers will try to pay victims as little as possible. If victims want to be paid fairly, they will likely have to hire an Accident Attorney In Fort Worth.

When an accident victim hires legal counsel, that means there is an increased possibility of being sued in court. A civil lawsuit could result in substantial financial payments to the victim. On the other hand, a victim that chooses to deal with the insurance adjuster without legal counsel is almost always someone who doesn’t have the ability to sue. As a result, the settlements earned from unrepresented accident victims tend to be very low. Even after factoring in the contingency fee, victims who wisely choose to hire an Accident Attorney In Fort Worth are likely to get much higher settlements. That is why it is usually best for injury victims to hire legal representation.

A skilled lawyer will also be able to assess what fair compensation should be for injured victims. Although victims may be thinking of compensation for physical damage and medical bills due by the end of the month, injury attorneys know that certain victims will have very serious injuries that can lead to a lifetime of pain, suffering, and medical bills. That will substantially raise the amount of money necessary for fair compensation.

Finally, insurers often accuse victims of causing their own injuries. This is often done in order to decrease the amount of money that is paid to victims. Even when the intent is to get a settlement that all sides can agree too, it is often necessary to prepare a case as if it will be presented to a jury trial. In many instances, insurers will not pay a fair settlement unless insurers are pretty sure that they will lose at trial. That is why proving fault is usually a major part of almost all injury cases. Click Here for more details.

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