Managing A Worker’s Comp Claim With A Work Injury Lawyer In Bismarck, ND

In North Dakota, worker’s compensation laws require employers to maintain coverage for all workers. The coverage pays for medical expenses incurred due to a work-related accident or injury. Human resources managers start the initial claim, and claims adjuster makes the final ruling. A work injury lawyer in Bismarck, ND helps workers who were denied benefits.

Why was the Worker Denied Benefits?

The claims adjuster provides a letter with the worker’s denial of coverage that explains the exact reason for the denial. An attorney examines the reason and determines if it meets the current worker’s compensation laws.

How Long was the Worker Absent from Work?

The duration of time in which the worker was unable to work determines the exact amount of monetary benefits they should have received. If the worker’s injury meets the terms of the insurance policy, he or she was entitled to monetary benefits to replace their lost wages.

Did the Worker Sustain a Permanent Injury or Disability?

A permanent injury or disability could entitle the worker to a larger settlement offer. If they are no longer able to work because of the injury, the worker might be entitled to lifetime earnings. Lifetime earnings are calculated according to the worker’s life expectancy and their current wages. If they win, the employer must provide the exact settlement explained by the court.

Was the Worker at Fault for Their Injuries?

Comparative fault rulings could come into play in the personal injury claim. If the worker did anything to cause their accident, the worker might lose eligibility for benefits. Workers must pass a drug and alcohol screening, and they must comply with all company safety policies. If the worker was more than 50% at fault for their injuries, the court will dismiss their case.

In North Dakota, worker’s compensation laws protect workers from unethical employers who deny injury claims unlawfully. Injured workers receive medical benefits and wage replacement benefits through the insurance after on-the-job injuries. Permanent injuries and disabilities could lead to a larger payout for the worker. Workers who want to start a legal claim contact us to speak to a work injury lawyer in Bismarck, ND now.

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