Reviewing Vital Details with a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Waukee, IA

In Iowa, dogs attack for different reasons, but owners should always control the dog at all times. Victims of the events could acquire compensation for their injuries if they didn’t cause the attack. A dog bite injury attorney in Waukee, IA offers assistance for victims of dog attacks.

Why Are Quarantines Needed?

Quarantines are required if a pet owner fails to vaccinate their dog as outlined in the law. The requirement enables a licensed vet to examine the dog and determine if the pet has rabies. The vet also determines if the dog has an aggressive temperament. The findings are reported to the animal control officer.

How Do Strict Liability Work?

Strict liability applies if there is a previous history of dog attacks. The previous history indicates that the pet owner was aware of risks to humans and failed to take precautionary actions. The pet owner is required to provide tort-based awards if a strict liability is proven.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Pet Owner

The pet owner is required to follow all local city ordinances related to dogs. Leash laws are the most common ordinances, and in some areas, the owner must have an outdoor enclosure for their pets. The owner must follow precautions to lower the chances of a dog attack. If they allow visitors on their property, the pet owner must maintain control over their pet.

What Happens During the Cases?

If the victim wins, the pet owner must provide compensation for all financial losses. The economic damages include medical expenses and the cost of ongoing treatments. If the victim lost wages due to a lengthy recovery, the pet owner could be required to replace the wages.

In Iowa, victims of dog attacks have the right to file a legal claim and collect compensation. However, if it is proven that the victim caused the attack, they forfeit their right to damages. A criminal act such as trespassing or animal cruelty is a common reason that the victim’s rights are forfeited. Victims of attacks with a viable claim can contact a dog bite injury attorney in Waukee, IA or visit right now.

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