Why You Should Consult with a Social Security Lawyer Before Trying to Get Disability Compensation

In the world of lawsuits, people sue for personal injuries, workers’ compensation and Social Security disability, to name a few. These lawsuits are sometimes denied, especially the Social Security disability cases, and a lot of the denied cases are because the claimants didn’t take the time to do things properly or hire an attorney for at least consultation. A Social Security lawyer in Oklahoma helps clients to understand what needs to be known about the Social Security disability process. Here is a look at the Social Security disability process, especially for those who have already been denied.

The Process of Filing for Social Security Disability

It normally takes anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years for a Social Security disability claim to be processed, but some have waited as long as five or six years before they are approved. After the filing of a claim, the claimant may be denied, and sixty days are given after that to file the appeal, otherwise, the case will be dismissed. It is important to have a good attorney who is willing to fight for the claimant’s rights to the claim.

More on the Process of Filing for Social Security Disability

It is important in the process to also have a qualified physician to substantiate the claims the claimant is making regarding the disabling condition. It may be to the claimant’s advantage to have an attorney who is local, as it will be convenient to discuss the case in person. The claimant should also ensure that all necessary appointments are kept, such as any other medical conditions that may add to the credibility of the claim.

Consulting with a Local Attorney

For those claimants who live in Oklahoma, there will be many attorneys and law firms who can provide local assistance to them for their Social Security disability cases. The Social Security Law Center is one law firm in three different cities in Oklahoma that handles cases for Social Security disability claimants. Anyone looking for a Social Security lawyer can contact this law firm. More information can be found at website.com.

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