Scenarios That Lead Drivers to Hire DWI Attorneys in Mankato, MN

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Lawyers

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Two typical scenarios occur when drivers are charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. One is the most common, in which the driver is a first-time offender who did not have exceptionally high blood alcohol content and did not cause an accident. The second is when a driver needs to hire DWI attorneys in Mankato, MN because the potential consequences are serious.

Accepting the Consequences

In the first scenario, the person decides to accept the consequences, which usually involve paying a steep monetary fine and having one’s driver’s license suspended for a period of time. They know that for a first-time offense without any aggravating factors like causing a collision, having to spend time in jail is unlikely.

Battling the Charges

In the second scenario, the driver may be a repeat offender facing almost certain jail time if convicted. Another reason people hire DWI attorneys in Mankato, MN is to prevent losing their job as a professional driver. Even if they have always been sober on the job, a DWI conviction may mean losing their commercial driver’s license privileges. Some companies specify that drivers will be terminated if ever convicted of DWI, even outside of work.

Getting Started

During the initial consultation with an organization such as Blatz Law Office, the person who has been charged with this offense may ask what the chances are for having the charge reduced to a lesser offense or dropped altogether. The lawyer needs to know specific details of the case and will want to view the police records. Strategies for battling this charge will depend on the particular circumstances. Attorneys look for any reason that the prosecution’s case is invalid, such as the possibility of a faulty breath test or the police pulling a driver over without just cause.

Plea Bargains

Many DWI cases end with a plea bargain. The driver must plead guilty, but this is usually to a lesser charge like reckless driving. That is still a serious offense, but does not have the severe consequences that can entail a DWI conviction. Visit for information on this particular organization.

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