DUI Lawyers in Auburn, Indiana and the State Laws They Understand Well

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Attorney

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Fatalities connected with driving under the influence of alcohol have dropped dramatically in the past 30 years, but the problem is still substantial. Nearly thirty percent of fatalities in automotive accidents are caused by drunk drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s why such steep penalties are in place for DUI convictions, especially for repeat offenders. Someone charged with a second or third offense needs the assistance of DUI lawyers in Auburn, Indiana.

Penalties for First-Time DUI

Indiana’s laws on penalties for intoxicated driving are not among the strictest in the nation, but even first-time convicted offenders have the risk of being sentenced to jail time. Indiana does not mandate any jail time for this type of conviction, but judges are allowed to impose that type of sentence. Fines are steep, and automotive insurance premiums skyrocket after a DUI conviction. The driver’s license is also suspended for six months.

Subsequent Offenses

In Indiana, a second DUI is a felony charge and conviction results in a mandatory sentence of five days in jail minimum. DUI lawyers in Auburn, Indiana may be able to help someone dealing with this felony charge. For example, if a police officer stopped the driver simply because of a suspicion of intoxication, that is considered an invalid reason and the charge might have to be dropped. The officer might be a rookie and not have been adequately trained in the proper procedure.

Negotiating Reduced Penalties

Indiana does not allow people charged with DUI to negotiate a plea bargain for a lesser charge, which is a possibility in many other states. Lawyers with a firm such as Yoder & Kraus may be able to negotiate a lesser sentence in return for pleading guilty. The individual might be able to devote time to community service instead of having to spend several days or longer in jail.

Getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol is a bad idea no matter where the person happens to be in the United States. There’s always the risk of being charged with DUI and having to deal with serious consequences that continue to have negative effects for years to come. Like us on Facebook.

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