When Do You Need a Process Server?

When Do You Need a Process Server?

It is generally the law that papers must be served to notify any person that they are required to show up in court or are involved in a legal matter. The only really important aspect of this is that they be delivered by a third party. If you are the person bringing the legal matter into question, then the responsibility is likely on you to make sure that the papers are served. So when do you need a process server?

Due Process
Due process basically means that anyone who is involved in a court proceeding has to be fully aware of their involvement, and thus able to properly defend themselves. It is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed to us by the government. Process servers exist to make sure that this due process is followed correctly and can be an invaluable tool to anyone who is bringing a lawsuit against someone else.

Documents Need to Be Served
If you are in that sort of position and need to make sure papers are properly served to another party, then you definitely need to secure the services of a process server. Not only will they know all of the laws pertaining to process serving in your region, they will also have the experience to make sure they get the papers to the right person. Furthermore, a process server will always have notarized proof that the papers in question were served. But despite the name, process serving is not the only instance where it would be advantageous to hire a process server.

Court Documents
Because of their close relationship with the court, a process server will be able to help you prepare the documents necessary for court, file and retrieve documents, and basically handle the court paperwork for you.

Are There Instances When They Aren’t Needed?
While this is something that you will have to discuss with your attorney, if you need to make sure someone gets papers, then a professional process server is what’s needed. There’s too much at stake, and too much that can go wrong if the papers aren’t properly served. If relationships involved were better and trusting, then the situation may be different, but if things have reached the point of legal action, trust shouldn’t be part of the equation.

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