Talk to a Criminal Attorney in Salisbury, MD About Having Expungement of Your Criminal Records

Everyone has done things that they later regretted. Usually, these mistakes don’t matter too much and might even become a funny story at some point. However, unfortunately, some of these errors in judgment end up in court, creating a criminal record.

Every criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD has talked to people who are constantly paying for their past even if they were never convicted of a crime. Most people have no idea how damaging the most minor scrape with the law could be in the future. The easy access to information in the internet has ruined many lives. It only takes a few minutes for a prospective employer, landlord or even a date to find out about a criminal record.

The list of ways in which a publicly available criminal record could be damaging is almost endless and includes:

* Job opportunities

* Security clearances

* Required licensing for a profession

* Admission to college

* Student loans and grants

* Housing

* Enlisting in the military

* And more…

Many people mistakenly assume that only felony convictions would show up if someone did an internet search. That’s not true. Old records do not always reveal what actually happened. A quick search for someone’s criminal history could reveal:

* An arrest warrant issued because of unpaid parking tickets, but it doesn’t say that the warrant was dismissed when the tickets were paid.

* An arrest for a minor bar fight where no one was injured, but not mention that there were never any charges.

* A misdemeanor conviction when in college for being in possession of a small quantity of marijuana.

* A guilty plea for a crime that wasn’t committed, done solely to get out of jail and get on with life.

* Being tried for a crime but found not guilty.

The law never intended that someone should be repeatedly punished in the future for minor infractions, most of which happened before it was as easy to check public records as it is now. It’s possible to have certain criminal records permanently expunged or removed from your criminal history, never to be seen again.

In order to find out if you are eligible to have past criminal records expunged, contact Marc A. Zeve, PA, Attorney at Law. This criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD has assisted many through the expungement process. It can take several months to complete this process, so protect your future by calling for an appointment today.

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