Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in Waldorf, MD Represent Clients Injured in Parking Lot Accidents

It might seem that parking lots wouldn’t be particularly dangerous places for pedestrians. Vehicles should be traveling very slowly, and pedestrians should be alert to all vehicle activity. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots more than anywhere else. Being struck by a car while on foot can result in a serious brain injury when the person falls to the pavement. Traumatic brain injury Attorneys in Waldorf MD represent clients who have been injured in this manner.

Blaming the Victim

Automotive insurance companies may find ways to blame the victim in these cases. Insurance adjusters know that pedestrians often are not cautious enough while walking through a parking lot, expecting that all drivers will be moving slowly and that they are easily visible. But when pedestrians don’t stay within crosswalks, they may not be readily visible, especially around a row of SUVs and pickup trucks.


People have become accustomed to reading text messages or looking at websites when they are walking. This is dangerous in a parking lot where drivers may be getting ready to back up or when they are making a turn in an area with poor visibility. A full 25 percent of parking lot accidents, including those between vehicles, happen when at least one driver is backing out of a parking space. Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in Waldorf MD provide legal representation for people injured in parking lot accidents.

Drivers may not see a pedestrian or even an approaching vehicle because they are intent on getting a particular parking space they have noticed is available. They speed up to achieve their goal, increasing the risk for an accident.

No Traffic Laws

Since many traffic laws don’t apply in parking lots, both drivers and pedestrians may decide to ignore signs and painted lines. Pedestrians commonly walk outside of crosswalks, and drivers cut diagonally through a lot instead of staying in designated lanes. Drivers might not halt or even slow down at stop signs if they don’t see any traffic or people on foot. A pedestrian who has been seriously hurt by a vehicle driver may contact a lawyer such as Danny R. Seidman for assistance. Visit to get started.

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