The Importance of Using Qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys in Hartford CT

by | Feb 7, 2013 | Law And Legal Services

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With the difficult financial state of the country never doing the complete recovery as expected there are still a great many individuals and families that have been forced to consider more permanent solutions to their continued insolvency.  This insolvency status so often being the case, now more than ever before there is a greater need to be able to locate quality bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT.  Speaking with more than one law firm that specializes in bankruptcies will provide you with enough pertinent information to decide those firms in which you may decide to go and have a consultation with.

Before you make the important decision as to which law practice you will meet in person, there is a great deal of weeding out and pre-screening that you can do over the phone.  Starting with the questions regarding the differences in filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcies or a chapter 13 type of bankruptcy will be a good opening question. You may need to assure the attorney on the phone that you are not looking for them to answer on your specific situation without meeting you and seeing your documentation, but instead for understanding.

Additionally, good bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT will know all of the complex issues and nuances of the law, so will be able to help his or her clients make the decisions that will be most beneficial in the long run. Whether a person is filing for credit card bankruptcy or declaring some other type of bankruptcy, the licensed professional bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT can guide him or her every step of the way.

Moreover, real quality bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT know that only half of their responsibilities take place in a courtroom.  The most important half of their job tasks is to make the complex statutes of the law basic and completely understandable to you the client.  You don’t want to be stuck with an attorney who only communicates in “legalese”, jargon won’t go far in you understanding what is happening to your legal status and credit situation.

It’s increasingly important to the beneficial outcome of your bankruptcy filing that you be sure in you’re final selection of quality bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT.  Be firm in speaking with both attorneys whilst you meet with them and take a list of questions with you so you are prepared. After 20 mins with each of the different bankruptcy attorneys in Hartford CT you will instinctively know who you would rather have represent you.


When needing to file for bankruptcy speak directly with attorney Jeff Hanna. At you can see how easy it is to get started while truly understanding the entire process as you’re case progresses. After meeting with Jeff you will finally be able to stop the annoying calls and letters from creditors.  Make the call today and let Jeff Hanna take the financial pressure off you for good.

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